The last two months

Ive been on two dates. They both sucked. And at the end of each one I got a kiss at the door, but the only lips I felt were yours.
When I opened my eyes you weren’t there.
Fuck being single.

All I wanted was to receive the love I gave.
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How I feel about the general public

How I feel about the general public

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Feels like its been a lifetime since we’ve spoken

Thinking about you all the time is exhausting. I wonder how tired you are.
Do you still cry? I do. I also wear your jacket all over town, and every morning at 6am I take walks and scream the lyrics from my headphones that come blurring through my ipod.

Have I gone crazy? Maybe.

Or better yet, ive always been.

Some days are great, some days I question my exsistance, I guess all I want is to see you happy. To know youve found something or someone amazing to give your life meaning.
Thats all I ever wanted for you, meaning…determination, motivation.
Sorry I couldn’t offer it.

I love you. Good night.